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The Results

RamCompare Year 5 Results - May 2021           

The latest RamCompare results were released on 20th May 2021. Results can be found by clicking here and are shown in the tables below.

With seven different breeds topping at least one of the RamCompare leader tables, the UK sheep industry shows extensive range and genetic variation and a wealth of opportunities.

Ultimately, decisions on commercial farms should reflect the profitability of each trait to the enterprise – and this varies with production system and end market. 

RamCompare clearly shows the benefit of EBV based ram selection to enhance those traits on which producers are paid. For more information about this and the changes AHDB has made to its ram buying recommendations read the press release that accompanied these results.

For more information listen to the Webinar discussing the latest results (to follow)

Benefit from the use of superior genetics

A series of case studies have been written that not only show the impact of these decisions at farm level – but also the financial gain achieved through careful ram selection.

Buyers can access the RamCompare data online to see a ram’s genetic ranking for specific traits such as carcase attributes or growth rate. Signet recorded stock can be found at, which now provides lists of sheep for sale, as well as “Flock Finder” which indicates performance recorded flocks located nearby.