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Webinar and Video

These video clips have been written specifically to help Signet clients to use the new database.  Webinars on wider genetic topics are also shown below.

Sheep Recording Services

Training video 1. Getting started, passwords and logging on

Training video 2. Setting up sires and entering lambing

Training video 3. Adding "Sheep for Sale" and creating catalogues

Training video 4. Adding notes and images

Training video 5. Reporting - Flock reports - PDF and Excel

Training video 6: Creating a Grassroots Export File

Training video 7: Understanding Inbreeding

Training video 8: Calculating Inbreeding Values

Training video 9: More reports for Signet clients - The Sire Summary and Ewe Performance Report

Beef Recording Services

A short video talking about the performance recording services that Signet provides as part of its Beefbreeder service

In this presentation we explain how cattle breeders can use Signet's online data entry services

Signet and the Sussex Cattle Society have developed a new performance recording initiative to make weight recording services accessible to all

Industry Webinars

Here are a series of AHDB presentations on the subject of genetic improvement and selective breeding using Estimated Breeding Values. 

Update from the RamCompare project and the 2020 results

Narrated presentation by Samuel Boon explaining how to create a breeding plan for commercial sheep and beef enterprises. For more information click here 

Presentation talking about breeding indexes for maternal breeds, as part of the CIEL co-funded EWEBenefit project

Webinars by other organisations

Here are a further series of presentations on the subject of genetic improvement and selective breeding using Estimated Breeding Values produced by other organisations. 

Webinar run by HCC talking about the new hill breeding index developed by Janet Roden. Samuel Boon explains how to use this information to buy a hill ram.

Health and Welfare session from the SHAWG conference. Sam Boon pops up after 35 minutes to talk about breeding strategies to enhance health and welfare. 

Presentation talking about the use of data in hill sheep recording. There was a problem with the translation during the first part, but the second part is purely in English. For more information about the Hill Ram Scheme click here 

Presentations for Ram Buyers

Commercial ram buying guides for purchasing Charollais, Hampshire Down and Suffolk rams

The Signet Guide to Buying a Charollais Ram

The Signet Guide to Buying a Hampshire Down Ram

The Signet Guide to Buying a Suffolk Ram

The Signet Guide to Buying a Poll Dorset or Dorset Horn Ram

Presentations for Ultrasound Technicians

Training material to support those people that provide ultrasound scanning services. 

This 40 minute presentation was written for sheep technicians to explain how measurements are taken and why ultrasound scanning is important. For more information about ultrasound scanning click here